Leaders in Cancer Cell Motility

Third Coast Therapeutics is a Chicago-based bio-therapeutics company dedicated to altering the course of cancer treatment by developing orally active, small-molecule drugs that target the spread of cancer, specifically the metastatic process.

Currently, there are no drugs designed to prevent the movement of cancer cells and we are at the forefront in the fight against cancer with an emphasis on cancer metastases. With experienced leadership and extensive research in cancer metastases, Third Coast Therapeutics possesses a powerful new strategy: stop the spread of cancer.

Our Therapies

For decades, the main focus of cancer research and treatment has been to eradicate tumor cells. This approach has yielded significant success, but in many cases it leads to drug resistance and disease progression. It also has an undesired and devastating effect on surrounding healthy cells and tissues.

Used in combination with traditional cancer treatments, our drug candidates modulates signaling pathways and dramatically inhibits cancer cells motility.  Studies are planned to demonstrate this effect not only in relation to the primary tumors but also with secondary and tertiary spread.

Novel Methods, Radical Discoveries

The simple fact is that most cancer mortality and morbidity is a result of the uncontrolled distal spread of cancer cells. We are dedicated to discovering new molecules and developing innovative strategies to stop cell motility.



Leveraging the Midwest Tech Ecosystem
Chicago is at the epicenter of an emerging health tech and therapeutics ecosystem. Third Coast Therapeutics is poised to take advantage of the dramatic scientific, research, clinical and patient care advances that are developing in the Midwest. Learn more in Our Science.