Novel and Precise Targeting Technology

Third Coast Therapeutics has discovered a precise targeting method to alter the activity of key kinases involved in the metastatic process. This down-regulation is achieved upstream by targeting the co-chaperone complex (cCC). The cCC plays a key role for many intracellular functions including the facilitation of proper protein folding and translocation of proteins. Under stress as in cancer, this process moves into overdrive.

Third Coast Therapeutics discovered a non-ATP competitive, allosteric binding method that alters the function of less than 10 percent of the downstream clients of the particular cCC. These unique clients, or kinases, are responsible for, among other things, cell motility. This resulted in the development of a mechanism and lead drug candidate that:

  • Is not cytotoxic
  • Is highly precise; targeting less that 10 percent of the relevant kinases
  • Shows anti-motility in vitro effects in 4 solid tumors and 15 cancer lines
  • Has shown positive in vivo effect.

Our Lead Drug Candidate: 3crx98

Based on significant biological response to limit cell motility, 3crx98 is advancing through pre-clinical testing required for Investigational New Drug (IND) application approval.

Leveraging the Midwest Tech Ecosystem

Chicago offers vital elements for developing a world-class biotech ecosystem, including:

  • Large multi-national therapeutic and device companies capable of supplying a pool of talented executives and seed capital
  • Top-tier universities that provide basic research
  • Medical schools capable of supporting the ongoing R&D for start-ups
  • Chicago-based national physicians groups that are capable of providing guidance and treatment insights for new technologies.